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Gender Dysphoria follows one transgender male’s personal experience with his identity.  The series aims to touch on a wide range of his emotions in both coping with and embracing who he is.  The photographs begin with ambiguity and sheer confidence, portraying the subject comfortably masculine.  It then progresses to reveal the “woman” that he was originally supposed to be.  With each photograph, another facet of his experience is revealed.  He removes his shirt and exposes the binder he wears to hide his feminine figure.  There is an increasing element of tension as he gazes into the camera throughout this unveiling.  Halfway through the series, the idea of body shaming is presented symbolically as a conceptual representation.  The subject stands before the viewer utterly topless with an ACE bandage binding his face in shame.  Simultaneously, exposing his breasts, a part of himself that represents the female body that does not belong to him.  From then on, the viewer enters his personal space, delving deeper into his emotional turmoil.  The self loathing manifests into self harm.  Although despite his pain, in completion of the series, an intimately captured photograph of his expression portrays his innate defiance.

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