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Glazier's work intends to explore the timeless nature of female beauty, identity, and form through the influence of personal experience -- at times stirring controversy around her portrayal of the female nude. 


Glazier’s work is categorized as fine art conceptual portraiture. Specializing in photography and video, she began her artistic career six years ago while completing her studies at School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her work has been featured in art shows and publications including ELLE Magazine.


Glazier gravitated toward photography in her early twenties. She creates still and moving images in an effort to highlight the connections between our subconscious fragmented identities. Glazier uses her personal experiences as a framework to illustrate family attachment, emotional tension, perceived ideals, hope, rebirth, beauty, femininity, and strength.


Glazier features female figures as her primary subject matter, as her work reflects a feminine perspective. She is inspired by her life as a woman, raised within Orthodox Judaism, a Moroccan-American, a lesbian, and integrating frictional elements of her identity. Drawing on classical arts and symbolism as aesthetic inspiration, she weaves her traditional cultural influence with modernity, individuality, and expansion.


Glazier currently works and resides in New York City.

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