Emmanuelle is a New York City based photographer and video artist.  The human experience, form, and expression is where she primarily draws her inspiration from.  In her work, she explores themes of identity, connection, and an array of emotional experiences.  Her aesthetic is sensual, using neutral and rich color palettes. There is an evident fascination of human nature and the way people mentally construct reality and emotionally respond to the currents of their circumstances.  Emmanuelle aims to delve deeply into the human psyche to create visual representations of these experiences. She successfully creates 

imagery that encompasses the complexity of the mind.

In addition to exploring the human form, Emmanuelle focuses on creating narratives in her work. Her photographs and videos have an intimate nature to them. Either captured outside or in the studio, she utilizes light to accentuate textures and mood in her subjects.

For Emmanuelle, her art is both about connection and expression. There is incredible beauty in the aspects of what human beings keep hidden. Each piece that she creates is done with intention. Her camera is merely a vessel to convey ideas, share, and relate to others.